Pre-Admission Testing

The Pre-Admission Testing Unit prepares both pediatric and adult patients for surgery, procedures and anesthesia. PAT is the portal identity for the NYU Langone Medical Center population. We provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach for each individual. Every patient is evaluated and assured adequate pre and post-operative evaluation for a positive testing experience. Our staff provides satisfaction from the initial scheduling of a PAT appointment through the complete testing process providing skilled nursing for both our patients and family members within a safe environment. 

Our practice consists of collaboration among members of the interdisciplinary team with a mutual goal of providing patient centered care, and promoting patient satisfaction. Education for the patient and family is a priority in our daily routine. 

The PAT nurse interviews patient and family, and identifies potential barriers in providing the best peri-operative experience. The nurse identifies language barriers, being sensitive to different cultures and to the needs of the patient. Safety risk assessments are done for falls, pressure ulcers, skin assessment, oral health and other related issues.